Stitchers Star Explains Season Finale’s ‘One-Two Punch’ Ending: ‘We’re Closing the Door on Chapter One’ (2024)

Cameron may have made it out of Monday’s Stitchers season finale relatively unscathed, but if the Freeform drama returns for a fourth season, he’s in for a world of pain.

TVLine spoke with star Kyle Harris about the episode’s biggest twists, but first, a quick recap: Ivy apologized for betraying Linus, to which he responded with a dinner invite; Camille and Amanda decided to move in together; with Stinger’s help, Kirsten was able to connect with her mother long enough to wake her up; and it was discovered, via a whole bunch of science-y talk, that Kirsten’s brain has been choosing the stitch assignments.

Then came the episode-ending doozy: The team was informed that Kirsten’s latest stitch interfered with her long-term memory, and she no longer remembers any of them — including Cameron. But after a heartbreaking conversation between the (former?) couple, a shadowy figure entered the room, eliciting this sassy remark, “I willneverforgive you for what you’re making me do to him.”

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Below, Harris discusses the season finale — including the twist that wasn’t in the episode’s original script:

TVLINE | Let’s jump right to the ending. What was your reaction when you read in the script that Kirsten has amnesia — or at least we thought she did?
Originally, that ending was not in the script. The episode was supposed to end with Cameron leaving and Kirsten just sitting there, not remembering anything. As we were shooting, I think we had three days left, our showrunner Jeff [Schechter] had this idea: What if someone came into the frame, but we don’t know who it is, and suddenly it goes from Kirsten not having her memory to doing a total 180 and dropping that line? That was the one-two punch I think we were missing. We’ve seen the amnesia thing. When [Jeff] came up with that idea, it blew all of our minds. Who is she talking to? What does this mean? Who is she doing this for? It’s so much more intriguing.

TVLINE | I imagine you all must have theories…
We’ve all sat down with Jeff and asked him who Kirsten’s talking to. Is it Maggie? There are so many different ways you could go with this. It has to be someone who means enough to her to do this for them. But she’s also doing this to protect Cameron. Why does she need to protect him?

TVLINE | This was a rough finale for Cameron, emotionally, but I feel like he managed to avoid too much physical damage — certainly compared to previous episodes this season.
[Laughs] I was scared! I thought I was going to get shot in that crossfire. That [shootout scene] definitely took at least half the day to shoot because there are so many little parts. As we were shooting it, me and Damon [Dayoub] were getting so into it, and Emma was just sitting there laughing at us. She was like, “You want to be in an action movie so badly, don’t you?”

TVLINE | That was just one huge moment in this finale, another being Kirsten sort of waking up her mother. Did you get to see that scene play out?
I had wrapped for the day, it was my last day of shooting. But when they shot that scene in the white room — a sort of “stitch heaven” — I was off-camera reading lines for Kirsten, talking her through the speech I gave her in the lab. And that’s when I realized, like, we’ve been on quite a journey with this mythology. It almost feels like you’re watching a series finale, like an emotional wrap-up of everything. But really, we’re just closing the door to Chapter 1 and setting the stage for Chapter 2.

TVLINE | In the interest of seeing that second chapter, have you heard anything about a fourth season renewal?
We have yet to hear anything [from the network], but we’ve definitely been hearing it from the fans. They’ve been campaigning for a fourth season ever since we were picked up for a third.

TVLINE | Going back a bit, I also loved the fistfight between Cameron and Stinger. Was that also carefully choreographed?
Yeah, you know, just your casual father-in-law fight in the middle of a government facility. I actually kept getting in trouble because I would add my own sound effects when he punched. They were like, “We don’t need that, Kyle, but thanks for trying to save us money.” I got a little too into the action side of it all.

TVLINE | Assuming the show does get a fourth season, what would you like it to explore?
It would be cool to see how the program has protect Kirsten now that she’s essentially a weapon. If she fell into the wrong hands, [there would be consequences].. I’d also love to see the program go public, watch Maggie give a press conference at the White House. We could play celebrity for a moment, since the team is like a group of superheroes in a way. But that could easily take a turn — I could see people getting angry that we have access to all these private memories.

Time to weigh in: Who doyouthink Kirsten was talking to in that final scene? And what are your hopes for a (potential) fourth season? Grade the episode below, thendrop a comment with your thoughts.

Stitchers Star Explains Season Finale’s ‘One-Two Punch’ Ending: ‘We’re Closing the Door on Chapter One’ (2024)
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