Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe (2024)

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Can you use natural peanut butter, or are commercial brands (Skippy, Jif, etc.) best?


I make cookies very much like these, but the trick for supercrunchiness is to bake them twice, first for about 10 minutes, then you let them cool completely and finally bake them for another few minutes until the edges begin to brown. Then, as directed in the recipe, let them cool on a wire rack.


P.S. Rather than making dozens of cookies at one time,I put about half of the cookie dough into a freezer zip lock bag and freeze for one of those days where you want cookies without all of the work,thaw in the refrigerator and proceed with the recipe for baking. Works for many cookie dough recipes. I date and put time needed to bake along with oven temp on the outside of each. Often a lifesaver for a quick dessert or gift.


While both my daughter and I definitely prefer the taste of natural peanut butter in most cases, many experiments over the years with various peanut butters for making cookies resulted in our agreeing that, at least to our tastes, Jif results in the best cookies.

Pamela Palmer

Aha--one of the bestess recipes ever. When our jar has only 3 or 4 left we are in "crisis mode" and more must be made urgently. A footnote that is essential to this recipe is that Cook's highly recommends using Jif Extra Crunchy Peanutbutter. I LOVE it when it is on sale and grab 3 or 4 then. For our family, I have changed the sugar amounts to: 1 cup light brown sugar and 3/4 cup granulated sugar. Lessening the sugar BUT not the taste!


I haven't used this particular recipe but one with very similar proportions of flour, PB, sugar and butter. I've cut the sugar by 1/4 to 1/3 and it tastes fine to me (that is, 1-1/2 cups sugar to 2-1/4 or 2-1/2 c. flour).

John Bridges

As recommended, used double the peanut butter, didn't change anything else. Results: SHOCKINGLY delicious cookies. Like Ultra-peanut shortbread. I will never make another kind of peanut butter cookie. EVER.

Upstate NY

If you want to make these gluten free, use just three ingredients - 1 cup crunchy peanut butter, 3/4 sugar and 1 egg. You can add 1/4 chocolate chips if you desire. Mix everything together and bake for 11-14 minutes at 350.


Golf-sized doughs a bit too big. They came out massive after baking.

"They will not look completely baked" very true. The cookies came out soft on the top but when cooled they harden just enough. I put them back in the oven for another 3-4 minutes to make them extra crispy.

A bit too much sweet for me though. Could cut sugar by 1/4.

But nice recipe!


Chill the batter for an hour or more before scooping and baking and they will spread less

Will In Pittsburgh

Re: choice of peanut butter—natural peanut butter lacks added oil and results in dry cookies. Jif makes style called"Simply Jif" with less added sugar and salt. It seems to have a pronounced peanut flavor and is my choice for peanut butter cookies.


Used half whole wheat flour
1/3 c white 1/3 c brown sugar
Added 1/2 cup oats and cc's


I'd recommend adding an extra 1/2c peanut butter if you are a big peanut butter fan.

Will In Pittsburgh

You need to keep your fork *really* wet to make clear fork marks. Don't worry about over hydrating the cookies: there's so much fat in the dough that it won't absorb any water from your fork.

James Jones

To decrease the sodium content, I used unsalted butter and unsalted raw peanuts. Delicious!


I'm now being that person that ingredient swaps and raves about it. Swap the crushed peanuts with mini dark chocolate chips. Delicious.

nursing a cooking addiction

Not as soft as I was expecting

Fran Gage

5. 6 oz ap2.5 oz dark brown sugar185 g smooth peanut butter

Name fran gage

5.6 oz ap2.5 oz dark brown sugar185g smooth peanut butter

Veronica HP

Lazy version turned out great! Whole Foods creamy-style PB untoasted pecans (aka what I had on hand) were perfectly delicious. Taking the time to really let that butter-sugar mix fluff-up created a rich-tasting cookie that was also light in texture.


These are the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever had. Chewy, crunchy, crispy. They melt in your mouth and are loaded with peanut butter flavor. I followed the recipe exactly as written.


made them just as directed- 100% AWESOME


Baking for 12 mins worked perfectly for me! I’m at sea level.


I made this with tahini and it was sort of halvah-ish. My Much better modification was using almond butter and extra almonds…YUMMY


Ok, the notes to double bake, popping the cookies back in for a few minutes after cooling, are spot on. The extra crunch at the edge is delicious. This time I used 3/4 cup white sugar. Next time I would try 1/2 cup white sugar and still keep the full 1 cup dark brown sugar. These are worth the calories!!

Scarlett Carhart

Why isn't this in metric? A baking recipe?

ginger tomato rice chicken…good, easy dws comfort food.

Outstanding, but sweet…cut sugars back next time. Maybe 3/4c…


I'll be a little less scared of overbaking them as I usually am with cookies as they don't have to be soft in the middle like many others. I substituted the peanuts with cashews (worms in peanut bag..) and it was still peanuty from the peanut butter. Delicious without being something I have to do again often.

Margaret H.

Great recipe. Take out of oven just shy of looking fully baked. They will cook through in the next few minutes while on the cooling rack and will be nice and chewy.


Best Peanut Butter cookie recipe I have ever tried. I followed the suggestion to reduce sugars by 25% and left the peanuts coarsely chopped because I like the pieces of peanut.

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Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe (2024)
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